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Hi there,

My name is Tanya Galvin and I have been working with women who were/are trying to get pregnant since 2002.  I would like to let you know that Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are highly effective in getting you pregnant.  This is even more so if you are willing to try Acupuncture and Herbs alongside IVF.

Women are 50-65% more likely to conceive if they use Acupuncture during IVF.

That is pretty impressive and I have seen this statistic first hand!  (and therefore have many babies that I have helped come into this world….as yet…non of them have been named Tanya though!).

Im pretty passionate about babies, birth and conception.  I’m even starting to teach birth classes soon (Birthing from Within – specialized birth classes to really help you prepare for your birth).  In conjunction with a very experienced midwife (who has had twins herself).

Please call me on 0408 054 538 or send a text…sometimes I can’t answer as I’m treating someone and would really appreciate a text that I can reply to asap! Cairns IVF

Cairns IVF  Recent research on Acupuncture and IVF

In an article published by W.Paulus, M.Zhang, I. El-Danasouri, E. Strehler and K. Sterizik titled, “Influence of Acupuncture on the Pregnancy rate in Patients who Undergo Assisted Reproduction Therapy,” Appearing in the April 2002 issue of Fertility and Sterility, German researchers anounced that they had increased the success rate by nearly 50% in women undergoing in vitro fertilization. The researchers, led by Dr. Wolfgang E. Paulus and collegues at the Christian-Lauritzen-Institut in Ulm, Germany, said they do not know why acupuncture works and plan more studies.

“Acupuncture seems to be useful tool for improving pregnancy rate after assisted reproductive techniques,” they wrote.

“The analysis shows that the pregnancy rate for the acupuncture group is considerably high than for the control group (42.5% versus 26.3%) they wrote.

G pregnancy rate after assisted reproducrate for the acupuncture group is considerably higher than for the control group (42.5% versus 26.3% h” they wrote.

Cairns IVF Tanya Galvin

Forking with a team at the Department of Chinese Medicine at Tongj I Hospital in Wuhan* China, paulus and colleagues tested 160 women undergoing in vitro fertilization. Half received the standard in vitro ititilization, while half were given acupuncture treatments before and after. Chose acupuncture points that relax the uterus according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine,” they wrote. They said acupuncture can affect the autonomic nervous system-involved in the control of muscles and glands-and thus, theoretically, should make the lining of the uterus more receptive to receiving an embryo.

According to the report, about 26 % of women who did not receive acupuncture became pregnant, compared with nearly ^3 % of women who underwent the traditional Chinese therapy Zs minutes before and again 25 minutes after embryo transfer. There were no differences in again 25 minutes after embryo transfer. There were no differences in between the two groups of patients. In this study? Women received acupuncture along the spleen and stomach channels in an attempt to acupuncture along the spleen and stomach channels in an attempt to received acupuncture needles in their ears to stabilize the endocrine system.

“The results demonstrate that acupuncture therapy improves pregnair “ However, more research is needed to determine whether the higher pregnancy rate among women receiving acupuncture was due to actual physiological or psychological effects,” they added”if these findings are confirmed, they may help us improve the odds for our IVF patients,” Dr- Sandra Carson, president-elect of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, said in a prepared statement after the publication of this study in Fertility and Sterility.

Cairns IVF Tanya Galvin

Acupuncture can help you get pregnant in many ways:

Firstly we can easily work alongside and in conjunction with your IVF doctor.  We also slot nicely in with your naturopath and share information with each of these therapists so that you can get the best of all these worlds.  We also encourage you to bring your partner in for treatment and herbs.  This is because even if blood tests say that the sperm is fine there is always room for improvement.

In chinese medicine….we don’t just want you to get pregnant we want you to have a great quality baby.

This involves getting your sperm and eggs to be the best quality they can be….this means that the two of you have to be in the best health you can be whatever your age is.

So we endevour to achieve conception via getting you the healthiest you can be and also tweaking the following things in women:

Increasing endometrial lining

Increasing the quality of the egg

Decreasing your chance of miscarriage

Increasing the circulation around the implanting egg so it sticks to the endometrial wall better (therefore it grows and ‘takes’).

Helping your estrogen levels

Helping your progesterone levels

Helping your sticky fertile mucous

Helping if you have a thyroid problem

Helping if you have High FSH levels.

Helping if you have endometriosis or Polycystic ovaries.

Helping if you dont ovulate! (have no consistent periods!)

The list of how acupuncture can help you get pregnant can go on and on.

I encourage you to call me on 0408 054 538 or send me a text and I will get back to you asasp.

I also often combine Acupuncture and Hypnosis or EFT (as well as chinese herbs and kinesiology).  The hypnosis is complimentary and often helps to reduce the stress and anxiety of the process of IVF.