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Menopause Cairns Acupuncture

Acupuncture may be used to treat some symptoms of menopause

  • hot flushes
  • Perimenopausal & postmenopausal insomnia

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Perimenopausal & postmenopausal insomnia

menopause cairns acupuncture

menopause cairns acupuncture

During perimenopause, your ovaries begin producing lower amounts of key hormones. … As these hormone levels fall, symptoms of menopause surge. One such symptom is insomniaInsomnia is a disorder that prevents you from getting adequate sleep
Hot flushes associated with Menopause
Hot flushes are a common symptom of the menopauseexperienced by 75% of menopausal women and can be described as a sudden feeling of warmth or heat in the body. Hot flushes may occur on their own but are often accompanied by night sweats or excessive sweating during the day.


Menopause Cairns Acupuncture


Acupuncture is completely inconsisitent with our Western view of medicine, anatomy and physiology – yet good research studies indicate that it works. Although, ideally, the mechanism of action of a treatment should be known, it is far more important that it is proven to be safe and effective. The practice has existed for some 5000 years, and in modern times acupuncture has gained in popularityin the Western world after American doctors became aware of the therapy and saw it in acition in the 1970s.

Health is considered to be a balance of yin and yang in the body in traditional chinese medicine, and good health results in a free flow of ‘vital energy’ called qi. The insertion of acupuncture needles at specific points that are considered to be qi pathways is said to be able to treat illness. There are 12 main and eight secondary channels or pathways called ‘meridians’. Acupuncture literally means ‘needle piercing’ and over 2000 anatomic acupuncture points for therapeutic purposes have been described.


Diagnoses are made by the acupuncturist by observing and questioning the patient. Fine, disposable, sterilised stainless-steel needles are inserted throught eh skin to a depth of 3 to 5mm and there is usually little, if any, pain felt by the patient. Dozens of medical conditions are said to be able to be treated by acupuncture, especially musculoskeletal pain. The FDA approved the use of acupuncture needles in 1996 and in the USA there are nearly 20,000 licensed acupuncturists.

The speficif course nad duration of acupuncture treatment depends on the nature and severity of depressive symptoms. A typical course of treatment might involve 10 to 12 weekly sessions, with each session usually lasting form 45 minutes to 1 hour long.


Western understanding of acupuncture is very limited and it is thought that the needles stimulate the central nervous system, thereby releasing chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord and brain, promoting the body’s natural healing abilities. It is also thought that acupuncture may altern brain chemistry by changing the release of neurotransmitters and hormones that positively impact on mood. In addition to needles, acupuncturists also stimulate acupuncture points with heat, pressure, friction, suction or electromagnetic energy impulses. Menopause Cairns Acupuncture

Acupuncture is generally safe, especially when performed by a trained professional. So overall, despite western doctors having no clear idea of how acupuncture works, a growing body of evidence suggests that it may be worth trying! Menopause Cairns Acupuncture


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