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stop smoking treatments cairns

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Acupuncture-for-neck-pain2-150x150 Acupuncture to Stop Smoking
Acupuncture to stop smoking cairns

Acupuncture to stop smoking smoking cairns

quit smoking cairns. Acupuncture can be used to effectively help you to stop smoking –  Smoking cessation (up to 3 months).

The recommended number of treatments varies from patient to patient.

Quit Smoking Treatment Cairns – We often use a protocol called the NADA protocol which is adapted for stopping smoking – we add additional points such as

  • mouth
  • nicotine point
  • adrenal point
  • aggression point
  • master cerebral
  • lung 1
  • brain
  • point zero are added.

stop smoking treatments cairns

The nada protocol relies on ear acupuncture points but during a stop smoking treatment the above points are also added so that the treatment is tailor made.

A 28 – 34 gauge needle is recommended, with a depth of 0.1 inch, twirling a few times to stimulate the needle.  If applicable, intradermal needles or tacks can be left and secured with tape.  We made also use ear seeds, ear pellets or ear tacks, they may be left on the ear for several days for you to palpate when or if cravings occur.

You as the patient may massage or press points several times ad ay to stimulate points if using pellets, ear tacks or seeds.  Always keep ear clean to avoid infection.

Moxibustion-chinese-medicine-150x150 Acupuncture to Stop Smoking
quit smoking cairns

Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarette smoke. It is present in the tobacco leaf and when a cigarette is burnt, nicotine from the tobacco leaf is inhaled in cigarette smoke by the smoker. Nicotine enters the bloodstream via the lungs and reaches the brain within 10 seconds of inhalation. The risk of developing dependence following exposure to cigarettes is greater than the risk of developing dependence following initial use of cocaine, alcohol or marijuana.1

People who start smoking in their teens are more likely to become life-long smokers than those who have their first cigarette as adults. Despite most adolescents believing that they won’t be smoking five years after they start, by age 18 two thirds regret starting and half have tried to quit.1Recent animal studies indicate that teen smokers are especially vulnerable to the effects of nicotine and that nicotine addiction may be heightened if smoking is initiated during adolescence.3

Cigarette smoking is a complex behaviour that over time becomes powerfully compulsive. Nicotine causes changes in the structure and function of the brain producing both positive experiences such as feelings of arousal, relaxation, and improved concentration and negative withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, restlessness, irritability, anxiety and impaired concentration. It is difficult to separate the positive effect of nicotine from the relief of negative withdrawal symptoms.

The initial kick experienced by a smoker as nicotine reaches the brain, rapidly wears off as nicotine is redistributed throughout the body and is metabolised. Falling nicotine levels initiate withdrawal symptoms, the intensity of which increase as nicotine levels continue to fall. Smoking another cigarette relieves withdrawal symptoms but only for a short period of time when nicotine levels start to fall again. This variation of nicotine blood levels over the course of a day means a smoker is mostly experiencing states of nicotine withdrawal.

The positive and negative effects of nicotine reinforce smoking behaviours. The reinforcement occurs with every puff of a cigarette – if smoking a pack or more per day, this will occur hundreds of times per day and hundreds of thousands of times per year. Through this process the behaviours of seeking, lighting and inhaling become well entrenched and contribute to the compulsion to smoke.4

Tobacco addiction is considered to consist of two medically defined disorders – nicotine dependence and nicotine withdrawal.1

Quit Smoking Treatment Cairns

Nicotine dependence is the continued use of tobacco despite the negative health outcomes of its use. The severity of nicotine dependence varies amongst smokers with more dependent smokers having their first cigarette more quickly on waking in the morning.5 Nicotine withdrawal is characterised by symptoms of nervousness, restlessness, irritability, anxiety and poor concentration.

Tolerance to the effects of nicotine develops with repeated use of tobacco and consequently consumption increases over time but produces only relatively weak effects compared to when smoking first began.  Quit Smoking Treatment Cairns

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with Chinese herbal medicine, tui na (orthopedic massage) and Qi Gong (meditation and energy healing.)

With a history of almost 3000 years it is still used extensively today to treat literally millions of people around the world.

Acupuncture affects the physiological functioning of the body by the insertion of fine needles into particular reflex points all over the body.  Quit Smoking Treatment Cairns

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Does it Hurt?

Some people will nevertry acupuncture because they think it will hurt, even if they are suffering a chronic and painful condition.

Some sensitive patients do feel some discomfort when the needles first go in, but most people are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable acupuncture therapy is, often falling asleep on the treatment table. The needles are generally between 0.2 and 0.25mm in width. Five of these fit in the bore of one hyperdermic needle….they are as fine as a human hair!

They are inserted quickly to minimize skin pain, and when correctly stimulated, there is a feeling of tingling, mild cramping or an electric sensation at the point.

How deep the needles are inserted varies from a few millimetres to a couple of inches or more depending on the size of the patient and where the point lies on the body.

How to Book an Appointment

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The clinic is located at 111-113 McManus street Whitfield.  Its in a Queenslander and the entrance if via the front door.  There is an intake form to fill in in the foyer.

Please note there is a 24 hour change or appointment or cancellation or no show policy.

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