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We may be able to help you throughout your IVF cycle alongside your IVF doctors to assist you to become pregnant. fertility acupuncture whitfield

Tanya Galvin has been helping women since 2002 and has a special interest in fertility.

Cairns Acupuncture / Tanya Galvin would like to discuss your fertility with you – phone Tanya Galvin on 0408054538 Registered Acupuncturist.

fertility acupuncture whitfield

Some fertility information for you.

Pinpointing ovulation – that is, the time when an egg is released from the ovaries – has always been very difficult. Ovulation is most commonly thought to occur fourteen days before the next period, but there can be very many variations, so even if you have a regular twenty eight day cycle it is not enough just to count the days. If you are trying to conceive, regular sexual intercourse about three times a week should be enough to coincide with ovulation. It may help to increase the frequency to alternate days or even daily around the time of ovulation.

A better, way is to take your temperature. To do this you will need a fertility chart and a special fertility thermometer, available from most chemists, makes things easier because the scale is bigger and easier to read. First thing in the morning your body is at its lowest temperature – called the basal body temperature – which is usually between 36.2 and 36.3. Leave the thermometer in for five minutes and record the tmeperature each morning on the chart before you get out of bed. When an egg has been released from the ovaries there is a sharp rise in the level of the hormone progesterone which causes the body temperature to increase – usually to a level of about 36.7 or above. Sometimes there is a drop in temperature a few hours before this rise. But remember, the increase in temperature does not mark the time of ovulation itself – it only shows that ovulation has taken place. It is thought that the day before this rise in temperature must be the time of ovulation, but obviously exact timing will vary with individuals and in many women the rise in temperature itself is not easy to pinpoint. After ovulation the temperature stays raised until the start of the next period. Fertility cairns

fertility acupuncture whitfield

Another method is to test the urine for an increase in the level of a substance called ‘Luteinising hormone’ , which rises sharply and triggers ovulation about twenty four hours later. There are a number of ovulation kits on the market which use dipsticks to test the LH levels in urine as a means of predicting the most fertile time in a woman’s cycle, but they are expensive and it is possible to have an increased LH level without ovulating, perhaps because the ovary is not functioning properly. Remember that if you pinpoint ovulation successfully, this can be stressful for your partner who may feel he has to ‘perform’ to order. If this causes problems, it is sensible to return to just making love two or three times a week. Fertility cairns

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fertility acupuncture whitfield

Fertility Problems

Problems relating to fertility are not uncommon – it is estimated that as many as one in eight couples in this country have trouble trying to conceive. An average, fertile couple have a 15 per cent chance of conceiving each month, which means that half the fertile population will take about four to five months to become pregnant and most normal couples will conceive within a year. Those who have not become pregnant after eighteen months of regular intercourse probably have some problem, but in many cases this may be minor and easily treated. Fertility cairns


If you have had no luck after six months of trying and you fall into one of the following categories you can seek to have Acupuncture:


You are more than 36 years old – Fertility declines in women as they near 40 and a quarter of all normal women are subfertile by this age. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing in advance which women are likely to belong to this group so it is a good idea for women over 36 hoping for a baby to get tests done if they do not conceive within about six months.


Infrequent periods- usually this can be easily treated.


Increasingly painful period or deep pain on intercourse – This may indicate a pelvic infection or a condition called endometriosis requiring treatment.

Previous severe pelvic infection, a burst appendix or miscarriage.   All these can sometimes result in a problem with the Fallopian tubes or the inside of the womb requiring treatment. natural fertility clinic cairns

ertility cairns

It is important in cases of infertility that proper tests an diagnosis are made without wasting too much time. However, no matter how thorough the tests, for may couples it is not possible to identify a cause. This is called unexplained infertility. Nowadays, many infertility problems, including blocked fallopian tubes and low sperm counts can be successfully treated by test tube baby treatments, or in vitro fertilisation. Fertility cairns


However problems conceiving can be very distressing, especially if your friends seem to be having babies at the drop of a hat. It is important not be let this interfere with your relationship with your partner. You should seek counseling if problems with infertility threaten to break up your relationship. Fertili ty cairns.

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